All the News You Can Drink: Craft Beer Confusion, Bud Loses Italian Battle, Molson Goes to Indonesia and more

All the News You Can Drink: Craft Beer Confusion, Bud Loses Italian Battle, Molson Goes to Indonesia and more

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Molson Heads to the Philippines

Molson scored a hit earlier this year when it stuck red fridges filled with brews all over Europe that only opened when Canadian passports were presented. People loved it so much that the company decided to extend the program, the Globe and Mail reports.

The company asked its employees to come up with interesting Canadians across the planet and settled on a man on an exotic island in the Philippines. Molson delivered a fridge full of the beer to him, his two best friends, and a satellite so he can watch Team Canada play. The full video will be aired during Team Canada’s first game of the world junior hockey championship on Boxing Day.[more]

Craft Beer Up? Not According to Everyone

Craft beer has been touted as a major new force in the alcohol industry and a sector that the Big Brewers need to watch closely. However, a new report from research firm Restaurant Sciences has it that on-premise “craft beer sales have declined sharply over the last three months.” The firm’s data cites a 6 percent drop in that period and 19 percent over the year.

Another firm, GuestMetrics, has craft brew sales going up 3.8 percent year-to-date. “There have been some other data streams that suggest getting draft handles is becoming more difficult,” Brewers Association staff economist Bart Watson said, according to “But based on production trends we saw through June and other data sources, I find it hard to believe that BA-defined craft is experiencing a decline of that magnitude.”

Restaurant Sciences president and CEO Chuck Ellis said that the drop that his firm identified could be as a result of consumers “balking at price increases in the three to seven percent range this fall across restaurants, bars and nightclubs” as well as because “restaurants and bars may have reached a saturation point in adding new beers to an already hyper-competitive shelf or tap set.”

Budvar Takes Down Budweiser in Italy

For about 100 years, Anheuser-Busch InBev has had a tussle going with the Czech Republic’s Budejovicky Budvar on the use of the Budweiser name in various countries.

Budvar scored a hit this week when A-B InBev was told that it needed to replace all of its “Budweiser” product with ones renamed “Bud.” Earlier this month, the same decree came in Portugal. A-B InBev hasn’t lost ‘em all, though. It recently won a similar case in France.

“We want it to feel weird, or even wrong, to have another brand of beer in your hand during the Olympics,” Aaron Starkman, creative director at Rethink, the agency that worked with Molson to create the film, the Globe and Mail reports.

More Booze News:

- Mumm maker Pernod Ricard is forcing Dadd sparkling wine to change its name.

- The death of a brewery worker in April and numerous complaints about unsafe kegs has the Brewers Association planning to release a report on keg safety early in 2014. 

- Addition of Alabama means New Belgium is in 36 states.

- A former Seattle Seahawks kicker’s 12th Man Pale Ale is scoring big with fans.

- New Hampshire honoring its Old Man of the Mountain state symbol with a limited-edition liquor bottle.

- If you have sipped Four Roses’ 2013 Limited Edition 125th Anniversary Small Batch Bourbon, you’ve already tasted the American Whiskey of the Year.

- Australians can now get their hands on Coors and Blue Moon.

- Diageo is already getting ready for Chinese New Year with the launch of a special edition Baijiu, Shui Jing Fang.

- Dogfish Head is available in Indiana again.

- J.P. Wiser’s North American Whisky has been made and sold in Canada since 1857. Finally, Pernod Ricard is bringing it to America.

- The first vodka-powered text message has been sent. 

- The best new rum of 2013? Papa’s Pilar.

- Kentucky’s Bulleit Bourbon about to get pushed into 14 global markets, including Brazil, Japan, and Germany.

- Massachusetts residents will once again be able to find Yuengling for sale.

- A dozen bottles of rum more than 230 years old have been auctioned off for around $13 million.

- SKYY Vodka has introduced SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach



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