All the News You Can Drink: Dogfish Head’s Moon Brew, Bud’s Packaging Fail, Wine Biz Gets Corona Boost and more

All the News You Can Drink: Dogfish Head’s Moon Brew, Bud’s Packaging Fail, Wine Biz Gets Corona Boost and more

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Dogfish Head Gets Spaced Out

Delaware brewery Dogfish Head is always up for experiments. Its latest is a small-batch Oktoberfest ale, Celest-jewel-ale, that features an ingredient probably never used before in the brewing process: moon dust. 

According to Fox News, Dogfish made a deal with ILC Dover, which produces spacesuits for NASA, in order to have access to “lunar meteorites” that it ground up and put into the brew like a big teabag.

Much more experimental than that, though, is the brewery’s plan to open a 16-room, beer-themed hotel. It’ll open next year about 11 miles from the brewery, reports. Each room will have its own micro-fridges and beer glasses as well as a bottle opener on the wall.

In the spirit of inventiveness, Dogfish has also created a little gadget known as the Randall Jr. that allows consumers to infuse their own beers with interesting ingredients and flavorings. At Dogfish, the brewers want everyone to catch the creativity bug.[more] 

Bud Packaging is a Buzz Kill for Consumers

Budweiser’s packaging is extremely recognizable, but that’s not helping it sell. According to a new survey from Affinnova, consumers think of Bud as “an energetic, fun and friendly beer brand,” but they are more attracted to other brands on the actual store shelves.

“Consumers form a positive impression of the brand from Bud’s TV ads and other marketing, but when they see the product on the shelf, away from the halo of the cool ad or the excitement of the sponsored event, the package does not communicate at the same level, while the beer brands around it are doing it better, “ Blake Howard, svp of design solutions at Affinnova, told Adweek.

Wine importer Hitting It Big with Corona

Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors have long ruled the beer markets of America, but there is now a third musketeer: Constellation Brands. Constellation has long been a wine importer but recently spent $4.75 billion to obtain the rights to distribute Corona Extra, which happens to be America’s most imported beer.

According to Quartz, that deal helped the company have a 109 percent increase in sales to $1.46 billion in the second quarter. As long as Millennials keep focusing their beer purchases on craft and imports, Constellation will be toasting this summer’s deal that brought them Corona.

More Booze News

- After years of decline, American beer sales finally went back up, mostly due to the exploding craft-beer market.

- Pernod Ricard has launched Ballantine’s 40-year-old scotch in Asian travel retail locations.

- Scotland’s Talisker Storm single malt scotch whisky is now available in America.

- Jura malt whisky wants consumers to get together and tell stories.

- The medieval birthplace of whiskey will house a new distillery in a few years.

- Paddy’s Irish has debuted its flavored whiskey in the U.S.

- Hendrick’s Gin has launched a new quinine cocktail, Quintum, but you can only get it for now in two dozen American bars.

- New handmade artisanal Schiedam gin is made in a 355-year-old distillery.

- Diageo’s Bundaberg celebrates 125 years with the release of $1,250 bottles of rum.

- Campari has launched Cabo Diablo, a tequila/coffee liqueur mixture. Party all night!

- The Jack Daniels limited-edition No. 1 bottle, previously only available in travel retail locations, will now hit American liquor-store shelves this fall.



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