All the News You Can Drink: Jack Daniel’s Bottle Battle, Johnnie Walker Wears Gold, Molson's Weather Intuition and more

All the News You Can Drink: Jack Daniel’s Bottle Battle, Johnnie Walker Wears Gold, Molson's Weather Intuition and more

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Jack Daniel’s Launches Bottle Battle with Little Whiskey Brand

When liquor buyers go looking for a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, they know what they’re looking for: a squared-off chunk of glass with the black label and the trusty No. 7. The famed distiller, though, is a bit concerned that shoppers are going to be confused by a new whiskey on the shelf: Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey.

Sutton’s originally marketed its whiskey in Mason jars in honor of the moonshiner who created it, but the brand switched its packaging recently to a bottle that is “square shaped with angled shoulders and beveled corners, with white-on-black labeling color schemes,” the Associated Press reports. The lawyers at Jack Daniel’s have taken notice and filed suit, claiming they’ve cornered the market on square whiskey.[more]

Molson Selling Beers Based on the Weather

Molson found a whole new way to sell beer in Canada this summer and it involved paying close attention to the weather.

When the sun was out and the temperature hit a certain number in eight Canadian cities, Molson unleashed targeted Facebook ads for Coors Light and Molson Canadian Cider on mobile devices to those areas, which resulted in more shares and more purchases. “There’s a strong correlation between weather and beer sales,” said Tonia Hammer, social media manager at Molson Coors. “We can now drill down to, ‘I’m outside, it’s really hot, I’m on my mobile phone looking at Facebook and this beautiful photo shows up in my feed.’ This just made a lot of sense.”

The brand is also considering other targeted triggers such as when consumers make a Ticketmaster scan so they can have a brewski before attending a concert. 

Johnnie Walker Goes for the Gold

Americans who love their Johnnie Walker will now have a new premium blend to add to their collection. For $87, consumers can lay their hands on a new limited-edition Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve whisky, which will come in a reflective gold bottle. Remember, as Diageo’s press release says, this Scotch was blended “for responsible enjoyment during celebratory moments and spirited nightlife occasions.”

Chinese Drinking Habits Hurting Global Booze Sales

China’s ongoing battle against high-level corruption has hurt global alcohol peddlers, Reuters reports. Both Diageo Plc and Remy Cointreau SA said Thursday that the country’s changing drinking habits were affecting their bottom lines. 

Diageo had been expecting a 4 percent rise in sales in its first quarter but only attained 3.1 percent, partially due to a drop in sales in China. Remy said that its sales in the world’s most populated country “fell short of expectations during the Chinese New Year.” Indeed, even local liquors, included the famed baijiu, has seen a steep decline, with some native purveyors attempting to bring the product to the States to recover sales lost on home turf. 

SABMiller Plc, meanwhile, had a solid quarter in China with “sales of lager in the last three months jump(ing) 10 percent by volume in China,” according to Reuters. Seemingly, spending a few bucks on a brew isn’t frowned upon. 

More Booze News:

- Scottish brewer Brewmeister’s Snake Venom has broken the record held by Armageddon for the title of world’s strongest beer with an ABV of 67.5 percent.

- A Florida man has sued AB InBev for $5 million for supposedly hoodwinking everyone to believe Beck’s is still brewed only in Germany. Good luck, buddy.

- Pernod Ricard’s profits went down 1 percent in the July-to-September quarter, but its Jameson whiskey sales went up 13 percent. 

- Dalmore will sell you a luxury whisky for $969.

- Sia, built on Kickstarter money, is releasing its first 800 bottles of blended Scotch.

- Olmeca Altos has debuted a 100 percent agave tequila.

- MillerCoors has laid off about 200 workers.

- Budweiser is is re-releasing a local-taste beer that won an internal brewing contest.



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