All the News You Can Drink: NBA, Diageo Link Up, Amazon Liquor, Bacardi Celebrates the Struggle and more

All the News You Can Drink: NBA, Diageo Link Up, Amazon Liquor, Bacardi Celebrates the Struggle and more

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Bacardi Celebrates Struggles in New Global Campaign

You can’t blame the people at Bacardi if they’ve got a persecution complex. The brand’s new campaign, “Untameable,” highlights all the troubles it has faced since its 1862 debut in Cuba. As the New York Times notes, the brand has survived “a fire in 1880, Prohibition beginning in 1920 in the United States, an earthquake in 1932 that destroyed facilities and the revolutionary government led by Fidel Castro that seized Bacardi’s Cuban assets in 1960,” among other things.

The commercial will be translated into more than 30 languages and broadcast all over the world over the next six months.

“The rum category has focused very much on the social aspect of a bunch of consumers enjoying the drink in a typical occasion,” said Andy J. Gibson, global chief marketing officer of Bacardi Global Brands, according to the Times. This campaign is decidedly different.[more]

NBA and Diageo Join Forces

Prepare for a load of Ciroc and Crown Royal ads, NBA fans. The league and Diageo just signed a deal that makes the company the official spirits sponsor of the league. Ciroc and Crown Royal will see the majority of placement in the NBA and NBA Development League while Baileys will be the main brand for the WNBA, Ad Age reports.

“Diageo has a strong track record for successfully engaging consumers and, in this case, our fans. They do it in a unique and exciting way,” Mark Tatum, the NBA’s exec VP-global marketing partnerships, told Ad Age. “That storytelling that Diageo is so good at, and the storytelling about our game and our players, is critical to broadening our reach.”

The deal has Diageo not only buying up more TV ads but also creating more sponsored programming on such outlets as TNT and NBA TV.

Amazon Expecting Big Bucks from Booze

Amazon started to sell wine in the fourth quarter of 2012. Since then the company has realized that there is a lot of things about online alcohol sales yet to be figured out; however, the investment toward figuring it out couldn’t be more worth it.

According to, Amazon’s director and category leader Bram Duchovnay told attendees at this week’s Wine Vision trade show in London that the company is “building a destination for wine shoppers.” 

The plan is for Amazon to create “storefronts” for different types of alcohol, Duchovnay said. He also noted that stats indicate that Amazon is in a good spot for future alcohol sales: 62 percent of internet users in Britain who search for info on alcohol are already customers on Amazon. And there is lots of room for cross-marketing. “Earlier this year Amazon cross-marketed Crystal Head Vodka, the official vodka of the Rolling Stones, alongside the band’s clothing and music lines,” Food Navigator notes. 

Sure, it could mean a lot more intake for Amazon, but it also could help the USPS stay in business, too.

More Booze News:

- Thanks to the rise of sweet-toothed booze drinkers, the world now has Cinnabon Vodka.

- Idiosyncratic NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, one of the world’s few pals to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, now has his own vodka.

- SABMiller is doubling the capacity of its brewery in the world’s fastest-growing beer market, Ghana.

- Constellation’s Black Velvet Canadian whisky has been a leader in the flavored-spirits department.

- A Minnesota startup raised $1.3 million to launch luxury vodka brand Aviv 613.

- Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail has launched a honey-flavored French liqueur, St-Rémy with French Honey, that is using the tagline “Honeystly French, Honeystly Delicious.”

- Baron Spirits has launched a new premium tequila in the US that is organic, gluten-free, and kosher: Baron Tequila.

- A-B InBev is going “mobile first” in its marketing efforts to reach Millennials.

- Champagne is getting trounced by Prosecco when it comes to everyday celebrations.



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